Sunday, April 15, 2007

St. Lucia’s Captivating

As I look over the hills
down the panoramic valleys
Excitement looms, still,
spawned in idyllic beauty

Tranquility hangs in the air
Scenes mesmerize here, there,
People friendly, diverse, sincere,
Culture is the standard bearer

Diamond Botanical Gardens
so thought provoking
Its foliage, tall trees
are ravishingly consuming
Running water from the fall
relaxes, therapeutic
to the mind, body,
should one allow it

Soufriere’s sulphur emanates
Snares the mind’s focus,
A distinct odor permeates
with minor fuss

The Pitons are imposing
Titans of reverence
A gentle bay lies
Just a short distance

Sun sets in the late evening
A cool breeze runs amok
Memories begin wandering
Silence rocks.